Thursday, January 12, 2012

So i know i am a tad tardy with this post, seeing how it is two into the new year but that is how i roll, Tardy! I must say that 2011 was quite a joyous year full of family get togethers, nightly dance recitles in the living room, school activities, laughing, love and miracles! 2011 will always hold a special place in my heart. It was a year that made me realise how lucky i am and that prayers are answered! I do have to say that sending my little side kick off to kindergarten was not one of my favorite moments! I still miss that little girl like crazy for those two hours and forty five minutes everyday! It is so amazing how much she has grown in this last year. But even though my little girl is growing up i think i will be ok with it since the most amazing, beautiful, blue eyed little man has entered my life! This little butter ball melts my heart at least 1000 times a day! So i guess in the end 2011 blessed me with all the happiness and blessings one girl could need! Oh and i want to say congrats to all those wonderful girls who also brought a new bundle of joy into their lives this past year! I do have to say 2011 was definently a year of prosper! As i sat and thought about what i would like to accomplish in 2012 i dicided that i am going to make this year a year of renovation! Starting with myself. 1.) i died my hair brown 2.) i recently purchased my first pair of skinny jeans. (Which make me look like a funnel!!) so that brings me to #3.) Lose all my well worth it baby weight and maybe a few more extra l bs just to make sure i no longer look like a funnel in those skinny jeans! 4.) Start adding a little bling to my life, i decided while i was pregnant that i am pretty plain, so i am ready to jazz myself up a some. (good thing Pait got a bedazzler for Christmas huh ;) I also have a little renovation planned for my spiritual side. I would like to become more patient with my children and husband, more kind to all those around me, start seeing only the good in people and not judging them for the bad and i would like to become a more charitable person who is willing to help anyone with anything at anytime and always keep a good attitude! Along with my self renovation i will be renovating my entire house hold decor situation, i have spent hours finding the perfect ideas for my dream home and this year i will put them all together! It will take a lot of work but i am excited. my lawns are also on the list! So stay tuned for the progress of my 2012 renovations! And if there is anything else you feel could use some renovation in my life, please let me know!

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